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Let us introduce you to our world of construction excellence. As the premier real estate contractor in Jamaica, we take pride in shaping visions into stunning realities, one project at a time.

Understanding The Real Estate Construction Process!

Understanding the construction process is crucial when hiring a real estate contractor. It enables effective communication, transparency, and informed decision-making, ensuring your project’s success, efficiency, and budget adherence. Here are a few things to consider before starting a real estate project:

Scope of Work: Ensure a detailed, comprehensive scope of work to prevent misunderstandings.

Budget and Financing: Establish a realistic budget and secure adequate financing.

Regulations and Permits: Understand local building codes and permit requirements.

Quality Standards: Define specific quality criteria for materials and workmanship.

Contractors and Professionals: Select qualified professionals and contractors for your project.


Construction Services

Pool Design & Construction

Dive into the future with our innovative pool design service, where your dream oasis becomes a stunning reality.

Multi- Family Development

Elevate your real estate portfolio with our multi-family development service, where we turn properties into thriving communities.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Empower your projects with our top-tier heavy equipment rental service such as back-hoe, excavator, jack-hammer ect.

Remodeling & Finishing

Transform your living spaces with our remodeling & finishing service, where we bring fresh life and sophistication to your home or commercial interiors.

Architectural Design & Blueprint

Experience the blueprint to your dreams with our architectural plans service, where we transform your vision into precise and achievable design solutions.

Interior Design & Consulting

Enhance your spaces with our interior design and consultant service, where we blend aesthetics and functionality to create environments that inspire and captivate.


Perfect Team Members

Derrick Plunkett

Chief General Contractor

Dedicated, experienced, innovative, determined, creative, and multi-faceted Contractor with over 28 years of experience. Highly skilled in performing all jobs related to General Construction.

Mr. Ryan – Dane Johnson

Structural Engineer

Mr. Johnson has been practicing in the field of Civil Engineering since 2014 and has sound technical knowledge with extensive experience in commercial and residential structural design, construction supervision & project management over the past 8 years.

Georgette T. Wiltshire

Juris Partners Attorney At Law

Our dedicated attorney was called to the Bar in 2003 and began her practice in Litigation prior to specializing in Conveyancing and Probate. Her practice covers the sale and purchase of commercial and residential holdings, the preparation and registration of mortgages and other security documentation.

Rudal V McFarlane

Quantity Surveyor

A professionally certified Quantity Surveyor and a Contract Administrator/ Construction Project
Manager, having over fifteen years professional cost management experience (since 2005) for projects
valued at over JMD $27.8 Billion dollars (US $225 Million Dollars).

Dwayne Barnett

Real Estate Valuator

With 10 years of experience, Mr Barnett is our trusted Real Estate Valuator. His precision in assessing property values and in-depth market knowledge make him an invaluable asset. Mr Barnett is dedicated to providing accurate valuations, ensuring you make informed real estate decisions with confidence.

Horace Colquhone

Chief Designer

Horace Colguhone, our seasoned designer with 10 years of experience, brings a blend of creativity and expertise to our team. His innovative approach and deep design knowledge ensure that each project he designs is a work of art. With Horace at the helm, your design visions will become tangible realities.


Lot B11 Fairview Shopping Complex Po Box 374 Montego Bay, St James Jamaica

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Our Clients

What Our Clients Have To Say

Michael Shamray

Coral Cliff – Montego Bay

Tribaco Construction’s exceptional craftsmanship exceeded my expectations, and I find myself continually commending their outstanding work.

K Simpson

Defi Livin – Lucea Hanover

Tribaco Construction did an excellent job with my real estate project; they were highly professional and completed the work in a timely manner.

Gloria Spence

Global Villa Hotel – Lucea Hanover

I have had numerous requests by guests who wanted a water feature in house. In addition, the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) and Exim Bank encouraged it. In fact, without their support and that of Dwayne Hunter and Tribaco Construction limited who have been a tower of strength during the entire process, my dream would not have been fulfilled.

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22 Copperwood Dr Lucea Hanover